The Project

The project is simple. Everyday for the next 353 days I will create a self-portrait. I started 12 days ago so that’s 365 in total- one whole year of Selfies. Vain? Yes. Interesting? We’ll see.

I’m starting this blog 12 days in because it’s only now that I’m beginning to think that there’s chance I might actually keep it up. So far I’ve posted the fruits of my labour on Instagram, so it’s not that I didn’t want to put it “out there”. I just didn’t have enough confidence in my own discipline to justify an actual blog. I was pretty sure I’d fail.

What’s changed? Well, I did it for 12 days. I figure if I can do it for 12 days, maybe I’ll manage a whole year.

I’m not putting any restrictions on specifications like medium, size, style etc, etc. The only real rule is that I must do one a day. I realise this might occasionally be pretty tricky or inconvenient so there is no pressure for every offering to be in any way decent. Some days I might doodle a stick figure on the back of a bus ticket, some days I might wake up at the crack of dawn and work for 12 hours solid on a photo realistic masterpiece (unlikely but you never know).

In January I am moving to Barcelona and starting a year long course at an art school. I am therefore very much hoping to improve somewhat. I’m hoping my progression might be vaguely interesting (maybe only to me but let’s face it, blogs aren’t there to be read are they?).


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