Day 121

There’s something seriously wrong in Barcelona at the moment. There appears to be an awful broccoli shortage and it’s either totally out of stock or extortionately expensive in every fruit and veg shop I’ve scoured. I can’t impress upon you the impact this will have on my day to day life (well more specifically my eating habits, I don’t do a lot else with it to be honest). What’s a good replacement though? Someone tell me! And don’t say cauliflower, you can’t stir fry a cauliflower…

Obviously this issue has been at the forefront of my mind today despite also having a presentation to do and a face to draw.  Talking of that drawing faces thing, here it is-today’s self-portrait. (Although it doesn’t look much like me, it is me (I promise))


day 121 actual.png

day 121?.jpg



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