Day 45

Today I inserted myself into the portrait that sits above the teacups next to the microwave in my parents’ kitchen. It is slightly odd and not very good but I’ve always rather liked it.

As you can see I am yet to get over the novelty of Photoshop so spent most of my time digitally fiddling rather than physically drawing. It will be good if I can actually learn to use Photoshop properly at some point as I am totally self taught and not in a good creative way, everything just takes about 10 hours and is a bit scruffy as a result. Oh well, this is all just experimentation anyhow- hopefully I’m learning something as I go.

day 45 almost final.png


day 45 drawing fin.pngIMG_0159.jpgday 45 photo ed.png

day 45 photo ed 2.pngday 45 ed 3


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