Day 74

So as predicted today I was focussed on other things and as a result my drawing is a) boring b) unfinished and c) not very good. I did a quick bit of photoshoppyness for fun though.   Advertisements

Day 73

This is the drawing that will become a painting but it would be cheating to post something I’ve spent more than a day on so for the purposes of this project this is it. That’s why it doesn’t look particularly finished though. I decided I should really have a go at doing a proper painting… Continue reading Day 73

Day 72

Today I drew on my face, photographed my drawn on face, photoshopped, drew my drawn on photoshopped face and then photoshopped my drawn drawn on face with my actual drawn on face. Get it?  

Day 69

So I painted today. First time in a while and it was a very quick one. No time for faffing about doing details or making things in anyway accurate, oh no. But at least I got outside of the graphitey box I’ve been trapped in for a while now.