Day 41

So yesterday my Dad bought and cooked a whole salmon so naturally I kept its head and spent this morning  trying to photograph myself and it. The salmon head was very uncooperative and kept trying to slip out of my clutches while oozing bloody juice all over me and my bathroom. It also bit me, I have a really actual blister on my finger from where one of its bastarding little gnashers got me.

I’m not sure all the trouble was quite worth it as I’m not very satisfied with this one but oh well, there are worse things than smelling a bit fishy and having a bathroom covered in salmon gunk. Salmon is literally my favourite food in the whole world so it’s actually quite nice for me, a bit like how some people use potpourri.

In case you were wondering we’ve eaten all of the rest of him, I actually managed to have him for four consecutive meals.

Here it is, fish face:

day 41 photo

day 41 crop .png



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