Day 39

I quite like how awkward and ugly I look today. It’s not  finished really and quite scruffy but I’m allowed to be lazy as it is the holiday season.

I should really be making the most of these last few weeks of idleness and dedicate lots of time to this project. I’ll soon be studying and working and generally doing stuff and therefore be so busy my daily efforts will have to be five minute jobbys scrawled on newspapers and what not.






2 thoughts on “Day 39

  1. You are so brave!!! Do you think that being a beautiful woman to begin with (in my opinion–hopefully in yours too!) gives you the confidence to be able to experiment and make yourself less attractive, even monstrous in some of your selfies?


    1. Thank you very much for your comments Jana, it’s really appreciated.

      I actually much prefer being monstrous in my self-portraits. It is so much more difficult to draw “pretty” and make it interesting and with something like this that could be so repetitive it is very important to try and keep things interesting (otherwise I’d give up!). It’s nothing to do with being brave though, I’m sure I’m as vain as the next 20-something woman but I just care much more about what people think of my art than my looks! I have found it much more difficult and embarrassing posting some of the less successful portraits than those in which I look less attractive- it’s just a different sort of vanity I suppose.


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