Day 33 (my birthday!)

So it’s a miracle I have anything to show today but due to cancellation of planned pub quiz (boo) my birthday evening turned out to be a quiet one giving me ample time to churn this out.

Wearing my funky new velvet dungarees and feeling a bit too God damn cool for school frankly. The earrings and sunglasses were birthday treats from my delightful parents and the mini bust was an odd but much appreciated gift from my sister and will be decorated in due course.




2 thoughts on “Day 33 (my birthday!)

  1. Definitely cool! How do you set up your photos for selfies? SLR on a tripod or camera phone? It looked like you were in a cool gallery space in this photo and then I saw the fridge. Haha. Just an extraordinary woman in an ordinary kitchen? I want hair like that!


    1. Hahaha, thanks! Not sure about extraordinary woman but yes just a kitchen! The photos have varied a little bit, I started out taking them all on my Kindle Fire HD because I had no computer and no way of easily transferring them from my camera to the tablet. Now I’ve got a lovely new laptop so I use my Canon Powershot S120 (not an SLR but a really excellent little compact) and work from the computer screen.


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