Day 15

Today I appear to be channelling the eternally chic “mad crouching skeleton” look. I’ve always aimed to convey a certain level of mental instability and a lack of proportion so it’s been a great success.

I’ve finally discovered how to transfer photos from my lovely little camera so I’ve been been making the most of not having to use the crappy selfie cam on my Kindle Fire. Having access to a timer is quite the novelty and I’ve been taking full advantage (as demonstrated by today’s silly pose).

This was done quite quickly (for me) and was probably a bit better about an hour ago.

‘Tis yet another very boring pencil sketch but further boring pencil sketches might not be possible until I buy some more boring pencils. I was drawing with blunt little stubs today and it was quite the challenge. I could buy some more but maybe I’ll just use eyeliners or something.



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