The First 12 Days

So, I’ll just quickly summarise what I’ve done so far. It’s been pretty easy as I’m currently doing nothing with my life so finding time hasn’t been an issue and as the project is all shiny and new I’m not yet so bored of the sight of my own face that I want to rip it off my skull. I imagine this might change.

So far I’ve done all of the portraits from photos I have taken of myself on my Kindle Fire, this won’t necessarily continue, I won’t always work from a photo and I will also work from some much better quality photos when I have the technical capacity to do so.

So far I’ve been making an effort to not be too technically perfectionist. For various reasons I’ve done a lot of very precise, detailed drawing over the last few months- essentially attempting to exactly copy photographs. Precisely copying photos is undoubtedly a skill in its own right but in my opinion quite a separate one from making interesting art . So with these “selfies” there has been no printing of photos, no measuring and no drawing of grids.








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