The First 12 Portraits

red polo p
Day 1, Pencil


profile p
Day 2, Pencil and Watercolour
smirk p
Day 3, Pencil
hand p
Day 4, Pencil
scowel p
Day 5, Pencil
tongue p
Day 6, Watercolour
leaves p
Day 7, Pencil and Oil Pastel
sitting p
Day 8, Pencil
mirror p
Day 9, Pencil
tough p
Day 10, Acrylic
spoon p
Day 11, Acrylic
Moustache p
Day 12, Biro

3 thoughts on “The First 12 Portraits

  1. Hey. You have some very interesting angles in these drawings. I imagine that part of the challenge will be to not repeat yourself as you get further into the year. I look forward to seeing what creative ideas you draw. Paul.


    1. Yes I think the challenge will definitely be to keep myself interested let alone anybody else! Really there are no limits to what a self portrait can be so it should be possible to keep things fresh, I imagine I’ll start experimenting with more abstract styles and less conventional techniques as time goes by. I’m starting at art school in January so that should help! Thanks for the comments, always much appreciated.


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